Thursday, 18 January 2018

HintonHull hiatus

I was hoping my January post would include pictures of a couple more finished units ,unfortunately I can't physically get anywhere near my painting desk because the hobby room currently looks like this!

We're getting the bathroom updated and this is the only space where the fitter can store his stuff.
When this work is done we'll be 80% of the way to completing the house renovation, which is currently into the second year of what was supposed to be a six month project. I will have to devote some effort into completing the last 20% , so I'll be painting walls, ceilings and woodwork instead of wargame figures for a few weeks.

The upside is that the hobby room is double the size it was a year ago, which means I actually have room for a wargame table. Just need to negotiate with the long suffering OH to let me extend it from it's current 4x4 feet to 6x4 feet and I'll be a happy bunny.

Belated happy new year to all!

Thursday, 7 December 2017

"Err nerr, Burney's escairped frum Elberr!"

My first British foot battalion represents the 15th (East Yorkshire) regiment, as a tribute to the area where I've lived for the last 40 years.

The title of this post is what these guys might have said in 1815 in a Hull accent.

Friday, 3 November 2017

Easy as A, B , C

In my last post I indicated I hadn't had much time for painting recently due to my horse riding activities and other stuff, so this week I've concentrated on re-furbishing some already painted figures I acquired from eBay. They just needed a slight touch-up and a coat of gloss varnish before basing / flocking, and here is the result.

I'm designating them RHA troops A, B and C.
I don't have enough draught horses, limbers and drivers for these yet, that said my playing surface is only 4ft x 4ft so it will look a little less cluttered without horse teams.

I also have a couple of Foot Artillery crews ready to paint, by mounting gunners individually rather than gluing them to the gun base I can mix and match to suit the scenario.



Monday, 30 October 2017

Just horsing around

I haven't made much progress on the wargames front recently, mainly because I've been spending a lot of time with this gorgeous lady :-

Meet George, my 16.1hh Oldenburg mare (I know she's got a boy's name, it's a long story).

But British Summer Time ended yesterday, so the dark evenings mean I will be devoting more time to the leadpile for the next few months.

Watch this space for some horse-related wargame stuff coming soon!

Saturday, 14 October 2017

KGL Conundrum

When I bought these guys they were billed as Kings German Legion.

I'm not sure the yellow Regimental colour is correct. According to the Osprey KGL reference book the standards followed 'British practice'. So as all KGL regiments had dark blue facings, surely the Regimental standard should be blue? Any advice gratefully received!

As part of the touching up process I had thought of repainting the facings yellow and have this unit represent the 15th (East Yorkshire) regiment as that's where I live, but research shows they were stationed in the West Indies from 1805 to after 1815, so to use them in the Peninsular / Waterloo campaigns would mean they are a bit off station!

Friday, 6 October 2017

Flock this for a game of soldiers!

Just experimenting with basing, thought I'd share and ask for comments.

Middle pic is how I used to paint bases back in the day, I thought bright green brought out the uniform colours nicely. Back then I used old cornflake boxes as the base, then I moved on to used beer mats, they were excellent! We didn't have laser cut MDF in those days.

Left pic is humbol matt green #80, less garish but still quite old school. Nice and simple.

Right pic is the same with a sprinkling of grass effect flock from Hobbycraft. Not exactly Peter Gilder standard basing but effective nonetheless.

The figures are standing on a Hobbycraft green grass mat which I was thinking of using as a basis for some terrain modules. Nothing fancy, will probably have contour block hills and very basic river / road sections.

I think I'll go for the flocked look.



Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Braunschweig verwirrung, teil zwei

Had a few suggestions on my previous 'Brunswick bewilderment' post ranging from Hinchcliffe to Scruby so I thought I'd add a comparison pic.

I'm fairly sure the guys on the left are original HH (except the one with the missing bayonet, which is quite small and might be a homecast copy?), on the right are some Scruby's. So the mystery figures in the middle are a little bigger than HH and quite a bit bigger than Scruby.I'm leaning towards original Hinchcliffe before Peter Gilder started producing his big, chunky 25mm range.